Last Updated: September 23, 2019


onlineoversight (“onlineoversight,” “we,” “us,” “our”) uses online identification technologies, such as cookies, web beacons, and various types of logging functions, in order to obtain information about your interaction with our website, (the “Website”). “Cookies” are small text files placed on your hard drive when you visit a website or otherwise interact with an online service. Cookies store information, which is sent back to our servers or those of third parties.

Our Use of Cookies

As described in greater detail below, we may use these technologies: 
  • To facilitate your membership login and use of the Website; 
  • To recognize you when you return to the Website; 
  • To accumulate loyalty points to your account, if you have opted into our program; 
  • To optimize searches and the overall functionality of the Website; 
  • To improve our services and to better understand visitor use of our platforms and Website; 
  • To integrate with third-party social media platforms; 
  • To serve you with interest-based or targeted advertising on other websites; 
  • To remember your preferences with respect to multimedia on our Website; 
  • To track your behaviors and browsing activities over time across multiple websites or other platforms; and 
  • To better understand the interests of our members and our Website users. 

Some cookies are required for certain uses of the Website. For example, if you choose to register an account on our Website, we will use cookies to facilitate your registration and remember your preferences. It is not possible to register an account unless you accept the cookies used as part of the registration process. 

We may link the information collected by cookies with other information we obtain from you pursuant to our Privacy Notice and may use the combined information in ways set forth therein. Similarly, the third parties who serve cookies on our Website may link your name or email address to other information they collect, which may include past purchases you have made offline or online, or your online usage information. If you are located in the European Union, please review our Privacy Notice to EU Data Subjects for further information regarding your rights as an EU data subject, including the right to inspect and update, correct, or delete personal data we maintain about you. 

Types of Cookies We Use

To provide you with seamless Website interactions and services, we utilize several different types of cookies. Cookies are either “session” cookies, which are deleted when you end your browser session, or “persistent,” which remain until a set period of time passes or they are deleted by you or by the party that served them. Below is a summary of the types of cookies on our Website:

Third-Party Advertising and Marketing Cookies. 

The onlineoversight Website serves several third-party cookies which perform a marketing function.

Parties Serving Cookies: YouTube, Google DoubleClick, and potentially others. 

Duration: Some of these marketing cookies expire after the user terminates their session on the Website. Others may last for one day, several months, or one year, or may only expire when you manually delete them.

Functions: These cookies collect data on users’ interactions with the Website in order to better target such users with tailored content and advertisements. For example, they may register unique IDs which track a user’s location, follow a user’s interaction with third-party pages (e.g. YouTube video views), or collect statistics related to efficacy of targeted advertisements. They may also register a user’s preferences on a third-party platform (e.g. YouTube video player settings).

Disabling Cookies

General Opt-Out 

Most browsers accept cookies automatically. [Optional: You may manage your cookie preferences through our pop-up cookie consent manager.] You also may be able to configure your browser settings to use our Website without some cookie functionality. You can delete cookies manually or set your browser to automatically delete cookies on a pre-determined schedule. For example, in the Internet Explorer menu bar, select: Tools > Internet Options > Browsing History > Delete to view manual and automatic options.

Location Tracking 

Some third-party cookies may enable location tracking on your mobile device. If you do not wish to share your location, we recommend that you adjust location settings or disable location sharing entirely on your mobile device. You can also disable cookies by following the steps above.

Flash Cookies 

We may also use Flash cookies (also known as “persistent identification elements” or “local shared objects”) on certain websites. Because Flash cookies cannot be controlled through your browser settings, you may click here to adjust your preferences. You can also identify Flash cookies running on your computer by visiting the Flash Player folder. Flash cookies, or LSO files, are typically stored with a “.SOL” extension. Please note that if you block cookies, some functions on the Website may be unavailable, and we may not be able to present you with personally-tailored content. 


If you have questions regarding this policy, or if you believe that onlineoversight has handled your personal information in a manner that does not comply with this policy, please notify us by email at or by mail at:

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